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1 Vad är Google Adwords?
2 Jag får spam via mitt formulär
3 What kind of CMS is okay to run with you?
4 Does the CMS Joomla! work on your servers?
5 How do i hide my contents for search engines like google?
6 Can you connect more domain names to an existing account with you?
7 How do i make the web server run a script in a certain interval or at certain times?
8 Why do i get a password prompt when i try to download a word (.doc) document?
9 How do i get my site registered on different search engines?
10 Does the web server support WAP?
11 What does everything in the statistics mean?
12 Does SSI work with your hosting?
13 The statistics have records of several tries to download the file robots.txt, what is that file used for?
14 Why do i need to type my username/password in two times before i can access a password protected page?
15 How do i list files in a specific folder from the web browser?
16 Why do i get a 403 - forbidden when there is no index file in a folder?
17 How do I change the pages shown on http errors?
18 Does it matter if i name the index file to index.htm or index.html?
19 Är det något jag behöver tänka på angående filnamn när jag lägger upp filer på webservern?
20 Where should i place files for them to be published on the web?